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Dear Abby on Following Instructions


The company where I work posted an ad online and at our state unemployment job board for a position that needed to be filled. The ad detailed simple but specific instructions that included asking applicants to write a cover letter to address certain questions. It also said – in large letters: “YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS OR YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR EMPLOYMENT.”

Of the 133 résumés we received, 76 did not contain the information that was requested. These applications were moved to an “incomplete” file and not considered for hire. What’s sad is that judging by their résumés alone, several of these applicants had the qualifications we were looking for.

With unemployment being what it is, I was surprised that the majority of the applicants did not comply with the simple instructions. Please advise your unemployed readers that a job is out there for them, but they must follow instructions.



Written by gregorymcnamee

August 22, 2010 at 3:47 pm

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