Econ 479

The Art of Writing, the Science of Economics

Some notes on writing for Econ 479

I venture a few random notes, having been through your first assignments.

  1. In every piece you write for this class, I will call on you to use an economic concept. Economists use concepts such as supply and demand, opportunity cost, price elasticity of demand, efficiency, and utility to think about economic problems. One of the things I am looking for when I read your work is evidence that you are thinking like an economist and conveying that thinking to your audience in accessible (that is, nonmathematical and nontechnical) terms.
  2. Specifications matter. There are practical reasons for my strictures about the length of a given assignment, typeface and point size, and file format. I am asking you to work to industry standard. If I were to go in the opposite direction and ask you to write in 1.5-spaced Comic Sans saved as a WordPerfect file, the point remains: a good part of your grade in this class, as in your working life, concerns your ability to follow directions. Please take pains to do so.
  3. Reread the syllabus. It is a very short survival manual for this course, and it contains the answers to just about every question you might have about assignments, schedules, and the criteria used in grading your work.

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February 11, 2010 at 3:56 pm

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