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A note on best practices

Elsewhere on this blog is a note about the use of multiple spaces after the period. I’ve commented on the first-round papers of several of you that the convention—also called “best practice”—in computer composition is to use only one space, since computers will automatically adjust for both letter spacing and word spacing and know, via their magic, how to behave around that closing period.

I don’t mark down for using two spaces, but I do expect you to make the adjustment to one space in your revisions; if you do not, as I’ve said, then I feel no particular need to read your revised work. The fact of one space or two is not so much the issue as your being sure to follow the directive to use only one.

It’s a tiny thing, but one of many tiny things that are the details in which the devil resides. As I’ve said elsewhere, bringing in work to specification and problem-free places you at a distinct competitive advantage, which is one of the hoped-for objectives of this course.


Written by gregorymcnamee

October 1, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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