Econ 479

The Art of Writing, the Science of Economics

The Memorandum

You have received an assignment requiring you to write a memorandum. Here‘s one note on format, here‘s another, and here‘s another.

For this course, dispense with internal subheadings, which are appropriate to longer memoranda, but not to the short one you are writing here. Instead, after you have written the proper headings (Date/To/From/Subject), follow this structural scheme:

  • Paragraph 1 contains your argument in brief: “I am writing in order to support/oppose X.”
  • The body paragraphs (2–4) contain three reasons in support of your position, along with an overarching economic concept.
  • The closing paragraph summarizes, very briefly, your initial argument and, ideally, concludes with a memorable parting line.

There is an art to memorandum writing, and mastering it will serve you well in future work.


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February 25, 2009 at 11:03 am

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